Don’t Throw Away Your Bottle Caps Because What She Makes Is SO Crazy FUN!

This is cheap, chic and a huge conversation piece! I’ve really enjoyed having this fun piece in my den! For a long time, I just made it a habit of throwing my bottle caps in a trash bag because I have been planning on making something really cool out of them.

I’ve seen people use their cheap Ikea tables, metal outdoor tables, and other types of tables. One person on Pinterest used an Ikea table and trim around the edges. She glued down a piece of plywood in the center.She painted the trim a bright red Then she glued on the bottle caps and used white grout, rather than resin, so it was a type of mosaic. I’m not sure which is my favorite…the resin or the grout! I used the resin and mine turned out awesome!

While I was browsing Pinterest, other people had made designs out of their bottle caps on their tables. People not only put these on tables, but they put them on frames for mirrors, picture frames, wreaths, wall art and so much more! One person used buttons on the top of a small vintage table. So many ideas! My head is full! Check them and get inspired to do some creative things for your home out of bottle caps. This table was such a fun project to make! I really love how it turned out! It makes a great addition to my home, and I know I will enjoy it for years to come!

Now you can assist in keeping the landfills down and spiff up your home with a colorful table. Watch this step by step tutorial so you can get busy with those long saved bottle caps and make something dynamite!

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