Don’t Throw Broken Clay Pots Away, Do This Instead!

I can’t tell you how many clay pots Ive broken in my lifetime and I wish I’d known this clever trick before I threw them away….at least I know what I can do from now on though!

Think twice before dumping your broken pots, they can turn out to be useful and beautiful garden decorations like this DIY Broken Clay Pot Fairy Garden in the tutorial attached below.

You can use broken clay pots for beautiful creations to your garden and backyard. From the broken pots, you can create a cascading staircase with a castle at the top, a tiered garden, and use other toys and tiny accessories you have around the house to create any magical fairy garden that your imagination wishes!

These precious little gardens will make your outdoor appearance look magical and more appealing. These are actually pretty simple to create. Collect all your broken clay pots, and fill the pot with soil and arrange the shards in the soil in any way you choose!

Get some rocks, sticks or tiny plants in the wild or at any garden nursery to add to your masterpiece. This broken clay pot fairy garden is a simple, fun, creative, adorable and inexpensive idea to add tasteful aesthetics to your home and garden.

Watch how Cleverly does this in her step by step tutorial so you can give this a try!

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