Don’t Throw Out Your Torn Vinyl And Leather Furniture Until You See This Easy DIY Fix!

That’s right…you can fix torn vinyl and leather furniture. This was awesome news for me and I had the perfect piece of furniture to do this to. I almost tossed it last year, but something told me not to. So you can imagine how pumped up I was about this DIY project!

She uses a miracle product by Rust-Oleum called Leak Seal. It’s a rubber protective coating that fills cracks and seals leaks making it water-tight. This nifty product actually works for more than leaks and I’m wondering who originally thought to fix torn furniture with this stuff…it’s brilliant!

Now that I’ve seen this, I’m going to use it on the couple of places on the leather seats in my car to see if I can repair them! I just want to be able to stop the rips. Forget ugly duct tape! Upholstery shops charge almost $200 and up to fix tears in your seats.

I think there is a DIY fix for just about everything these days and that’s a pretty comforting feeling…to know there’s a solution to just about anything.

Watch how this gal with Heirloom Tradition Paints repairs and refurbishes furniture in her step by step tutorial.


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