Don’t Throw Those Shoe Boxes Away…Here’s Why!

If you’re a shoe horse like I am and always have shoe boxes that you hate to throw away, here’s what you can do with them. I was so glad when I ran across this tutorial.  This has been a terrific solution and has helped me so much.  That’s why I wanted to share this with you!

I am now much more organized, since I started decorating shoe boxes and labeling them the way she does in this tutorial! I never would have thought about doing this.  I always ended up throwing away shoe boxes. Now I have a place for everything.  They make fabulous storage boxes and there’s so many cool fabrics at the fabric stores these days…it’s actually been a lot of fun and looks awesome too!  You can decorate them any way you want!

These are also a great way to store all those photos you have been lugging around.  I have a bunch of extra CD’s with no cases and I’ve got a box for those too.  Sewing notions and extra fabrics are also another thing I needed storage for.  You’re gonna love having these for storage space.  I thought I’d never get organized, but this made my life so much easier!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can start getting organized too!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!


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