Don’t You Love The Way She Adorns These Mason Jars? She Does Something Besides Adding Embellishments

I believe these are some of the most beautiful mason jars I’ve seen to date! Don’t you want to make these right now?

These would be so lovely as a centerpiece for a wedding reception. Although, I didn’t have any weddings to make these for, I certainly had to have at least one of these gorgeous mason jars in my home!

It’s amazing the difference you can make by using a couple of pretty embellishments on a mason jar. But this lady does the sea glass technique first and she also paints the ribbon and rose buds gold for a beautiful effect. Just by doing a little something extra goes a long way towards getting a spectacular looking DIY project!

Just imagine these gorgeous jars sitting in your home! It’s the little touches that make a home feel loved and homey. There’s something so special about using our God given creativity to speak life into our home.

A few weekss ago, I gathered some of my girl friends for the ultimate crafting day. We had a blast! It’s was such a wonderful community building time, but I want to highlight just how beautiful and easy our DIY Embellished Mason Jars came out.

Watch how Tracey Sabella makes these fabulous jars in her step by step tutorial!




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