Saturday, December 2

Don’t You Want to Make One of These Precious Little Polymer Clay Hedgehogs?

Do you collect hedgehogs like my sister-in-law does?  This is a really simple way to make them and they are soooo adorable! Children just adore them!

My granddaughter saw these and immediately said that she wanted to make some.  She’s on the same page as I am!  Once I teach her how to make these, she’ll be able to make some for gifts to give to her friends.  Everybody loves a gift that has some thought and effort put into it. This is a great craft project for your kids to do this summer, so be sure to bookmark it!

A lot of people have hedgehogs as pets, but I think I’ll pass on that and just keep these little guys as my “pet hedgehogs”!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can start your little hedgehog collection!

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