Easy & Affordable. One Of The Best DIY Gifts In Minutes!

Wow. I thought I had long since seen everything you could possibly to make with a mason jar, but no! This amazing oil candle can be made in a mason jar or any other jar you have, really. You simply use oil and a wick instead of wax to make a long burning candle. The cool thing about this craft is that you can add decorative things to it to make it smell amazing. Citrus Peels, cinnamon sticks and other spices, vanilla beans, lavender, apple peels and anything else you love the smell of. Add berries and pinecones or other cute decorative things to make it an incredible table centerpiece,¬†addition to your mantle or candle for your kitchen.I can think of so many cool combinations that I just can’t wait to make – lemon slices and fresh rosemary, lavender and vanilla bean, curled ¬†apple peel and cinnamon sticks, and I think I will make one full of only pink rose petals for my guest bathroom. So easy to make, these adorable and affordable candles make some of the best DIY gifts ever.

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