Easy And Brilliant. Solves A Problem We’ve All Struggled With!

If your favorite jeans are sadly past the point of being worn. Now you can give them a new and useful life! As you know there are tons of DIY projects available to us…this one serves a particularly useful purpose. We don’t ever need to throw our old jeans away again!

You’ll love this project because, if you’ve experienced what I have, most of the coasters on the market stick to our glasses and they end up falling off our glass with a big plop and the end result…water is splattered everywhere! I know you can relate!

Worry no more about having reliable coasters that actually work. These cute rolled jeans coasters protect your furniture from damp glasses…finally!

Pick up some E6000 or fabric glue at your local craft store for a few dollars, and you’re on your way to making this awesome and very functional craft. A collection of the finished coasters would also make a memorable gift for someone special — on any occasion!

Many of us have to hem our jeans or just like the hems cut off with a natural fraying affect. The good news is you can use these hems to make these darling coasters! I know we all have jeans we don’t wear anymore too, so either way, you can use the hems of your jeans!

She cuts off the hems and puts glue on these strips, rolling them into a circle, finishing them off with glue, to secure the end, and clamping with a binder clip to hold it in place while it dries. If you want some great hot plates, make them bigger and they work fabulously!

Watch how Upcycled Stuff does this in their step by step tutorial and make your coasters that are sure to protect your furniture!

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