Easy Chicken Wire Shelf Is Storage And A Statement Piece

I absolutely adore farmhouse decor. It makes any space look a little more country in the cutest way possible. Even if you were raised in the most urban household possible, you’ve gotta admit, stuff like this is super cute.

That’s why when I stumbled upon The Daily DIYer‘s chicken wire shelf, I fell in love. If you have a chicken coop and left over wire, this is a great way to use it, and with a couple planks of wood, you can make the cutest storage and statement piece in one.

Shannon from The Daily DIYer starts by sanding down 4 equal pieces of wood. Then she wood glues and nail guns the pieces into a square shape. While wearing safety gloves, she trims the chicken wire down to size, then spray paints the wire to make it look a bit more rustic. In the mean time, she stains the wood component of her shelf to make it look a bit more weathered.

Once both pieces dry separately, she uses a staple gun to attach the chicken wire to the back of the shelf and trims any excess wire once it’s secure. She adds a saw tooth picture hanger to the back for easy hanging, and that’s it, she’s done!

I love the little bird cage she places on the shelf once it’s hung up, but really anything that fits the farmhouse theme can go there once it’s up on the wall!


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