Saturday, December 2

Easy DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Solar Lights Your Patio Will Be Proud Of

Make these easy DIY mason jar solar lights to dress up your patio or front porch. I like to make these  lights in different sizes, colors, and even combine them with other upcycled materials to make beautiful, creative outdoor lighting. As some of you folks know already, I am always looking for crafty DIY gift ideas and these mason jar solar lights fit the bill perfectly. This easy tutorial requires no complicated wiring methods or expensive supplies. Plus, who doesn’t want a little extra lighting in their outdoor spaces?

My favorite way to display these solar lights is by wrapping an open circle frame around the mason jar (like the one pictured on the left above). You can find lots of handy scraps at your local antique store or even your attic to wrap around these lights and create a chandelier of your own design. One of the easiest ways to make a chandelier is to tie the plain mason jar solar lights from the spokes of an old wagon wheel or bike tire frame.

You can make these solar lights and leave them without any hanging devices to put on your outdoor tables. Or you can get crafty with some rope, wire, or repurposed materials and make a beautiful mason jar chandelier to hang inside or outside your home.

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