Easy DIY Shoe Rack….under $20 and FABULOUS!

Are your shoes in a pile in your closet or have you just run out of space for ALL your shoes?  I know that I have this problem because I love shoes and one can never have too many!  When I saw this tutorial I ran to Home Depot, as fast as I could, to buy some wood and screws!  I made mine long enough to go from one end of my closet to the other and it’s the BEST organizing project I’ve done in a long time!  It’s amazing how good organizing your shoes can make you feel.  I should have done this a long time ago!  I know so many of you are gonna be super excited when you see how easy and inexpensive this is to make…you won’t even need any help! I made mine in under an hour.  I love being organized, but have to have ideas on how to do this, otherwise there’s gonna be  stuff stuck in all kinds of places in my closet! Believe it or not, this saves a lot of time when you need to get ready fast!

She left her shoe rack as the raw wood, but it can be stained or painted a nice color.  I painted mine black because I have a lot of black furniture and art framed in black, but you can make yours exactly how you like it!

In this video she went to the hardware store and looked at the area where they had big tall boards of.  She used her foot to measure how long her shoe was across the board so she would get the right width of board for her shoes to fit on.  She went and found a guy to cut 2 boards in the length of her designated area and 4 pieces about 8″ high.  If you need a drill and some screws, like she did, this is the time to do this.  That was all she needed!  After getting home she put the 8″ pieces about a foot in from the end of the long board.  Then she screwed the support pieces in with her electric screwdriver and wah lah!  Her shoe rack was finished!  Watch this step by step tutorial and create your headache saving shoe rack in no time!

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