Easy Striped Mason Jar Tutorial is The Bomb!

Looking for a stunning mason jar idea?  Well this one is stunning and looks great anywhere!  Stripes go with anything!  I love it as a flower vase…it would be so beautiful with red flowers in it! You can use it to put all kinds of thing in.  The black and white stripes gives me so many awesome ideas.  I can see this striped jar sitting next to a bright colored painting with reds, blues and yellow!  How eye catching would that be?  It would also look great in your kitchen with red kitchen utensils. Kitchenaid makes some beautiful colored utensils.

Of course you can paint any design you want to on your mason jar or paint different color stripes.  I’m just particularly fond of the black and white stripes.  It really pops!  It’s also incredibly easy and quick to make!

All you need is a mason jar, black and white paint, painters tape, paint brush, fingernail file and a sponge brush.  She covers the whole jar in white paint…you can also use spray paint, and then she lets it dry.  Next she puts the painters tape, in stripes, on the jar.  Then she paints, with a brush, in between the painters tape with black paint and goes all the way up.  She suggests removing the painters tape before the black lines dry.  Then she goes back with her white paint and touches up any black paint that isn’t in the straight line, with her white paint.  After everything is dry she goes over the part that says “Ball” on the mason jar and around the edges of the rim, with a nail file, giving it that old distressed look.

Watch this easy step by step tutorial!

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