Easy-To-Make Wood Swing Can Be Yours With Just 4 Simple Materials

These days, kids don’t ever seem to leave the house. They’re glued to their electronics and don’t grow up outside like we did when we were kids. I wanted to change that in my house by making something that would make my kids want to go outside.

I just happened to go to an arts and crafts show and a vendor was selling porch swings for $150.00 each. These swings appeared to be cheaply made, which got me to thinking about how I could make one of these.

I decided to wait and look up how to make one of these when I got home. What a great idea! After finding this tutorial, I ended up driving around looking for some pallets. I lucked out when I spotted some by a dumpster in an industrial area.

With the pallets and a few items I purchased at the local hardware store, I was ready to make my kids a pallet porch swing. I could envision it hanging from one of our big old trees in our back yard and knew they’d be tickled to get a cool surprise gift…especially since I made it!

There are limitless uses for pallets for anyone with some imagination and time. I think this pallet swing is one of my favorite uses for pallet wood to date!  With just pallet wood, rope, screws, and some cushions, I got this gorgeous swing!

Watch how The Sorry Girls easily make this pallet wood swing so you can get started on one for you and your family!

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