Elegant Mirrored Nightstands! Save LOTS of Money…Easy to Make!

Have you been salivating over mirrored furniture but it was out of your budget?  I have!  I’m super excited to find out that I can make mirrored night stands and they’re easy and inexpensive to boot!  I feel like I hit a gold mine!  I made two for my bedroom and they are so incredibly fabulous!  It makes my bedroom look so feminine and chic!  I had to run out and buy some furry pillows for my bed, after I put these two jewels by my bed.  It has created a whole new look!

I know you’re going to be as excited as I was when I bumped into this tutorial!  I’ve been eyeing the mirrored furniture for a long time and drooling!  I thought it would be a long time before I could afford to have these in my home.  Miracles do happen!

She bought the chests at Ikea, but you can use any chest you happen to find.  First she removed the drawer knobs, then she sprayed the outer portion of the nightstand with silver metallic spray paint (you don’t have to spray the whole drawer or the whole sides, just the outer part of them).  She purchased her mirrors at Lowe’s…they will cut the mirrors for free if you purchase the mirrors from them (she took the measurements with her to Lowe’s),  she bought mirror, marble and granite adhesive from Home Depot (approx. $4.00) and started applying a generous amount of  the adhesive on the back of the mirrors with her caulking gun. She starting placing them on the nightstand, with pressure.  Then she marked and placed the drawer knobs on top of the glass with E6000 glue.  This is about all she had to do to make this fabulous nightstand!

Watch her step by step video…you’ll be so surprised at how easy this is!



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