Embroidered Clothing Is The Big Fashion Now~Watch How How She Updates A Pair Of Jeans!

Don’t throw away your old jeans! Would you believe that around 30% of the clothing in the average wardrobe hasn’t been worn in over a year?

If you’ve fallen out of love with a piece of clothing, don’t throw it out, change it up!

The biggest fashion trend this year is embroidered clothing, especially jeans. They’re rather expensive to buy too!

Many people are buying pre-embroidered flowers and sewing them onto their jeans, but you can embroider flowers on them and it looks much richer and more authentic.

I love that this style has become popular again. When I was in high school embroidered clothing was very popular and I spent many hours embroidering my clothes and I even embroidered a shirt for my boyfriend! It was so beautiful…wish I could see it after all these years.

Buttons, threads, embroidery… beyond an intentional hole or some light distressing, there are so many beautiful ways to make your clothes truly your own.

Autumn is such a gorgeous time for fashion. The cool weather invites us to express ourselves through layers, colors, and best of all, texture. Go ahead, mix silk with velvet, linen with wool – this is the perfect time to experiment and have fun with the clothes on your back and in your closet. That’s what autumn is all about.

Watch how this gal with Fashion Revolution embroiders her jeans in this step by step tutorial.



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