Epsom Salt Isn’t Just For Achy Bones. See What Happens When You Add It To Your Plants!

This information was certainly surprising to me and I wanted to share it with you to make sure that you know about the incredible benefits of Epsom salt too! Listed below are just some of the benefits of using Epsom salt in your garden!

1. Believe it or not, using Epsom salt in your garden actually makes fruit sweeter.

Epsom salt boosts the chlorophyll in plants, adding more energy to the plants and when they have more energy they produce more sugar and more sugar means sweeter fruit for you to enjoy.

2. If you have a tree stump you want to remove but don’t want to spend the money to have it removed, just drill holes in the top of it and pour Epsom salt into the holes. In weeks, the stump will begin rotting.

3. Epsom salt increases nutrient absorption. Many commercial fertilizers add magnesium to help plant roots take up vital nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur.

For those using all organic materials to feed their gardens adding Epsom salt to soil will improve absorption naturally, eliminating the need for processed chemical fertilizers.

4. Lush lawn fertilizer. If your lawn isn’t lush and beautiful it probably needs a little magnesium in it’s life. To perk up your grass add 3 lbs of Epsom salt to every 1250 sqft of grass and then water.

5. Beautiful blooming roses. Ever wonder why your neighbors rose bushes are fuller than yours and sport so many more blossoms than yours? It is highly likely the answer is Epsom salt.Epsom salt encourages them to produce larger flowers with darker deeper colors.

To incorporate Epsom salt to your rose bushes diet add it at the time of planting and when the flowers are in bloom.

6. Keep leaves green. Plants that aren’t getting enough magnesium can be identified by yellowing leaves.

I’m gonna let you finish learning about the incredible benefits of Epsom salt by watching this information packed video by Natural Ways.



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