Even If You Rarely Work With Wood You’ll Want To See These Clever Tips And Tricks!

I loved this tutorial because it solves some problems I have had with several wood working situations. These are so useful and reduces many of our problems while working on wood.

When I saw him trying to hammer a nail in a piece of wood and couldn’t keep the nail upright I could so relate. I never dreamed of doing something so simple as what he does by slicing a pencil eraser to hold the nail while hammering! Such a simple solution, but would this ever dawned on you?

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to hold a nail and hammer it in, only to have it go sideways and/or smash my finger while I’m at it!

He has four more brilliant solutions like this that will save us a lot of frustration. I’m all about making projects easier and that’s exactly what these tips will do for us.

Every single one of the situations that he has solutions for has happened to me at one time or another and I am so glad to see how he solves those problems.

Watch how this guy with Mistry Make Tool does these great tricks in his video so you don’t ever have to deal with these things again!



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