Everyone Will Love These Precious Animal Topped Mason Jar Containers!

Would you like to add something really precious to your child’s nursery?  These are the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time!  I think children will love them too!  The little animals add so much character to a room!  These can also be painted in different colors and used for grown up things.  I had to make myself some of these and my child is grown and has children of her own now. I put nuts and candy in mine and they’re in my kitchen.  I’m sure teenagers will love to have some of these in their room too! These also make fabulous gifts!  I know I’m gonna be making and giving some of these away!  People will love them.  I flipped out over them!

A friend of mine is having twins (boy & girl), so I made pink and blue ones for her baby shower!  People were oohing and aahing over these!  You can put cotton balls, pacifiers and q-tips in them…anything you want!

I know the craft stores carry the plastic animals.  I see them at Michaels all the time, but you might check at the Dollar Tree first!

Watch this video and make your precious animal topped jar!

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