Fascinating Twitter Threads

I know not everyone enjoys Twitter, which is of course, totally fine. But as I’ve mentioned, it’s become my most used social media platform over the last year. I think part of what I enjoy about it, is that I’m mostly interacting with strangers instead of people I know personally, so when someone says something I disagree with, it doesn’t feel like a gut punch, you know?

Another thing I enjoy about Twitter, is that I’m introduced to all sorts of voices and ideas and topics that I wouldn’t be likely to find any other way. For example, here is a collection of fascinating threads I read over the last week — all of which are written by people I don’t know, and don’t even follow on Twitter (they ended up in my feed because someone I do follow retweeted or liked the thread).

1- This one is about peeing in space. Fascinating!! No really. I learned a ton.

2- This one is about sketchy book farms that have desperate writers research and write and promote whole books, and don’t pay them for it. I had no idea this was happening. The thread gives all the details. Definitely worth a read.

3- I learned a bunch from this thread which was written by an FBI agent. If you’re following the Epstein or R. Kelly stories, you may find it informative.

4- This thread has all sorts of intrigue! Atomic energy, loads of plutonium, and a type of calendar I had never heard of. (More on the calendar here.)

5- In this thread, I learned the Dust Bowl of the depression era was man made. The people who moved to the land didn’t know how to farm it and ruined it. I hadn’t realized that!

6- The responses to this one are interesting. This man asked people to share when they had their first non-white teacher.

See what I mean? I don’t think I would have happened upon these kinds of “articles” any other way. Twitter seems to be a good way to share thoughts or knowledge with a large and varied audience, especially when you don’t have another platform/publication you can use, or it’s a topic that wouldn’t be the right fit for your platform/publication.

Your turn. What’s a topic you’ve learned about lately that surprised or delighted you?

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