Find The Most Flattering Hairstyle For You In These Sizzling 2018 Haircuts. Watch!

Every time a new year rolls around I love to see what the popular hairstyles will be for the year and we’re coming back to a more natural look.

Finding a hairstyle that perfectly suits you is always a daunting task…especially if you are looking for a more youthful appearance. And when it comes to choosing a fresh-faced style, cut and color are major factors that can either add years on or highlight your best features.

A modern, edgy cut is great for thin hair- the flipped part helps to create volume while also framing the face. Create a sense of fullness like by pairing side-swept bangs with voluminous waves.

A half up, half down, of-the-moment look is easy to recreate and great for when you’re on-the-go. The shoulder-grazing cut is basically the definition of minimalist chic.

The windswept bob is perfect for complementing your face shape and adding a messy-yet-chic feel to the cut.

Bent waves are ultra-flattering and trendy- especially at a collarbone length or pile your hair to one side for a glammed up look. Bouncy waves make for a fun boho touch.

Watch this informative video to see if there are any cuts you are particularly fond of and take it to your hairdresser!


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