For Their 5th Anniversary His Wife Asked Him To Make This And It Cost Him Under $20!

He may have paid less than $20 to make this, but trust me, after he finished it, it was worth a lot more than that. That’s the awesome thing about DIY projects…and using pallet boards for your project! Although, he does add a little something extra that really makes this special!

I know one thing, his wife must have been ecstatic when he gave this to her! What a wonderful husband!

Pallet headboards add a rustic, yet modern feature to the bedroom. Pallet wood offers a blend of warm colors and rich tones, and is readily available. This project is something that you can make custom to your bed for little to no cost. I found the pallets free on craigslist, and there are a few local businesses that are happy to give them away.

If you’re needing a headboard these are easy and super cheap to make! Pallets are easy to work with and making a pallet headboard makes for great bedroom decor (and you can follow it up with a pallet table). If you’re looking for DIY wood headboard ideas, this is one you should definitely make!

Old pallets are so easy to come by and are usually free. I see them laying behind buildings, for trash, all the time. The great thing about pallets is you can do so much with them – the possibilities are endless!

Watch how Matt, with Mr. Matt Woodworks builds this easy pallet wood headboard so you can give it a go!

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