Free Sewing Tutorial for A Drawstring Bag Nets You An Organizing Accessory You Can Whip Up In Minutes

This is such an easy and quick DIY sewing project, yet the detail makes them look a lot more difficult. I’ve really loved having these…I’ve used them in my suitcase when traveling and it’s made my life a lot easier.

I’ve also decided that, from now on, I won’t be buying any more paper bags to put my gifts in.  These fabric bags are way cuter and have much more of a personal touch!  Friends will receive gifts in handmade fabric bags from now on.

These little gems make life easy, with their power to tidy and organize suitcases and purses and other things! They are great little bags to use for children’s snacks, their sports gear and the list goes on!

Also, keep in mind, with fancy fabric, any style of purse can be turned into an evening bag. It is recommended to choose satins, silks or brocades because of these fabrics not only can match your outfit but also have an elegant look and feel.
I do find myself getting a little fussy over fabric choices, but in the end, I always adore them. These bags are the perfect little project to experiment with different colors and prints. The pattern is fast an fun.

Watch how Laura Coia makes these in her step by step tutorial. The video shows you exactly how easy it is to make these. The amount of fabric you need is so small that you may be able to make this from fabric scraps you already have, if not, two fat quarters will work just fine. I love varying the colors and patterns on these so that all of my drawstring bags are different. Sure makes it easier to know what is hiding in those bags if you can remember which pattern hold what, too!

DIY Drawstring Bags Tutorial

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