From Trash to Treasure DIY Upcyled Chair To Die For!

I love the way Mr. Kate changes this old chair into a work of art, and doesn’t it look stunning with the black and white cow print rug?  I’m always finding the coolest chairs in the most random places! When I lived in apartments people threw away great chairs all the time! I love revamping chairs and turning them into something fabulous!  Someone’s trash turns into MY treasure!  People pay LOTS of money for these upcycled chairs!

The last chair I rescued from beside the trash compactor had fabulous bones and I painted the padded seats black and white stripes.  I painted the Queen of Hearts on the padded back of the chair and the wood on the chair bright red.  It is stunning and everyone wants it when they see it!  I’m shooting myself for not getting the other two that were thrown away!

Just recently I found three great chairs that someone sat out by the side of the road to be picked up.  Well “I” picked them up and I’m not sure what kind of awesome designs I will put on them, but I guarantee you they will be eye catchers!  It’s so much fun to see what these can turn into with a little bit of paint and/or some fabric.  In this particular case she used some natural tree branches…so clever!


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