From Trash To Treasure She Embellishes An Old Sweater And It’s Stunning!

What a great way to spruce up an article of clothing that you haven’t worn for years!  Some of our clothes have just hung in our closet and we haven’t worn for years. This DIY project will certainly get you excited about that old sweater again!

After watching this tutorial by Chriselle Lim I went to my closet and found the perfect sweater to upcycle by adding pearls and I love mine! It did take a little time to do because I wanted to individually sew each pearl on so they would be really secure.

I did this while watching my favorite shows on TV, so it wasn’t a big deal. The big deal was the finished project and I couldn’t wait to wear it out that evening!

We love to wear unique pieces and what’s a better way to have them than DIY embellished outfits? By putting pearls or beads on your clothes, you have a look that wouldn’t also be on anybody else. We know how horrible it feels to run into someone who’s got the same shirt on as you. Now you can prevent such incidents from happening by adding your own touch!

Watch how Chriselle Lim does this in her step by step tutorial! When in doubt, just bead it!

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