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Sphynx Apex Legends Settings & Keybinds



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Sphynx Apex Legends Mouse Settings
Polling Rate
1000 Hz
Mouse Sensitivity
ADS Mouse Multiplier
Mouse Acceleration
Mouse Invert

Sphynx Apex Legends Keybinds
Crouch (Toggle)
Crouch (Hold)
Tactical Ability
Ultimate Ability
Interact / Pickup
Alternative Interact
Tab / I
Toggle Fire Mode
Aim (Hold)
Right Click
Cycle Weapon
Mouse Wheel Scroll
Equip Weapon 1
Equip Weapon 2
Holster Weapon
Equip Grenade
Use Health Item
Gibraltar Shield Toggle

Sphynx Apex Legends Video Settings
Display Mode
Full screen
Aspect Ratio
16:9 (native)
1920×1080 (native)
Field of View
Color Blind Mode
Adaptive Resolution FPS
Texture Streaming Budget
High (4GB VRAM)
Texture Filtering
Ambient Occlusion Quality
Sun Shadow Coverage
Sun Shadow Detail
Spot Shadow Detail
Volumetric Lightning
Dynamic Spot Shadows
Model Detail
Effects Detail
Impact Marks

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More Sphynx Info

Sphynx’s real name is Ricky Ayaydin. Sphynx is a professional Apex Legends player who last played for Team Polar Ace Orange. His main Legend is Lifeline. Previouisly, he played for the team Awaken Militia. He is active on his Twitter account and can also be found streaming on Twitch tv. regularly.

Sphynx is British.

Sphynx currently uses the Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED gaming mouse.

Sphynx currently uses the AOC G2460PF, AOC G2590PX and Acer K222HQL monitor.

Sphynx currently uses the Razer Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard.

Sphynx currently uses the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum gaming headset.

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Gaming - 2021

How to Unlock Sykov Pistol in Warzone




Call of Duty Warzone’s next season is fast approaching, but we can already get a pretty good look at one of the new weapons that are coming along with it. The Sykov Pistols are one of the new additions in Warzone Season 2. However, there is actually a way to get the weapon in the game right now. You can unlock the Sykov pistol in Warzone early if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops. While they’re not so widely available that you can build an entire loadout around them yet, it is a fun way to get a good peek at what’s going on ahead of time. This is what you need to know:

The Sykov Pistols are a fully automatic weapon in the game. They are suprisingly effective for a pistol, dealing a lot of damage and fast. These weapons are a fun addition, and getting them out early lets you get a head start on the whole season.

How to Unlock Sykov Pistol in Warzone

How to Unlock Sykov in Warzone

The Sykov pistol in Warzone is a new addition for Season 2. However, you can get access to it early if you want to preview it. It does take a bit of time, but it can be a fun way to get an early look at things. This is how you can try them out:

  • Complete the Challenge for Sykov – This is to finish 5 matches with 4 pistol kills. Shouldn’t take too long if you concentrate on it.
  • Look for the Green Square – In the Warzone menu, you’ll be able to see a blinking green square in the upper right after you’ve completed the challenges early.
  • Start a Private Match – Head to a weapon by station during this match and check the pistols to see if it has registered for you yet. Once you’ve completed the challenges, the blinking square is going to be there.

You’re going to be able to unlock Sykov pistol in Warzone in Plunder games after you’ve completed these quests.

Is the Unlock Sykov Pistol in Warzone Early as a Bug?

A big question about the Sykov pistol is if this is an intentional feature to let players explore and find themselves something early, or a bug. It is difficult to say, Since Warzone does like to play around and add plently of secrets in. In any case, this pistol has been pretty widely claimed so it is unlikely that anything will be done about the pistol at the moment. Even if no comment is made on it, this kind of secret isn’t out of charcter for Warzon.e

That’s how you can unlock Sykov pistol in Warzone. As for the rest of Season 2, it is at the moment a mystery. Although, we do know when the Seaosn will start and a few things about what’s coming next:

When Does Warzone Season 2 Start?

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 is due to start on February 25. This is the second Season to be tied into Cold War, so it’s worth checking into both games to see what’s new. What exactly can we expect from the new Season?

The biggest clue at the moment is Zombies. Items that feel familiar to Zombies players have begun to appear in the Hospital and Stadium in the Verdansk map. There is also a Russian voiceover that hints towards something going down over on Verdansk. This does make it feel like there won’t be a new map this time around, which is understandable. The game has plently more to explore in the two already here before throwing another in.

While we wait to find out what exactly will be coming with Warzone Season 2, you can unlock the Sykov pistols early and start checking out some of the core gameplay differences that are going to be featured. Our guides to Warzone can help you polish up your gameplay before that launches:

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Gaming - 2021

Apex Legends – Voidwalker Guide




Apex Legend’s second season is proving to be a lot busier than the first. Fresh of the heels of the controversial Iron Crown event, a new limited-time event is beginning in King’s Canyon. This time the event will focus on the Legend Wraith. In a game that seems to push new Legends at the expense of the old ones, it’s nice to have some focus back on the original members. Voidwalker gives you the chance to fulfill some challenges to earn in-game rewards, like skins and some other bonuses. The limited-time mode might be as fun of an addition as the Solos mode, but it is a nice distraction.

Voidwalker began on September 3rd. The Voidwalker event is going to end two weeks after this, on September 17th. The rewards for this event are considerably fairer than those in the Iron Crown event. There isn’t the same predatory mechanics to get money from players, but the best stuff is still behind a paywall.

Voidwalker Challenges Guide

There are only two tiers of challenges for Voidwalker, completing both of them will let you get all the rewards that you can.

Tier 1 Voidwalker Challenges:

  • Play the Armed and Dangerous Mode– The reward for this is a Voidwalker badge.
  • Get 30 Headshots – You receive 30 crafting metals.
  • Win a game– If you win a game in any mode, you’re rewarded with an exclusive loading screen.
  • Complete 7 Daily Challenges – if you can complete 7 daily challenges during the Voidwalker event you will get a Paint the Planet G7 Weapon skin.

Tier 2 Voidwalker Challenges:

  • Win 5 Armed and Dangerous Matches – Your reward is an Armed and Dangerous badge.
  • Get 60 More Headshots – These 60 headshots have to be in addition to the 30 you earned in tier 1. The reward is 30 crafting metals.
  • Win Once as 3 Different Characters in Any Mode –  This one might be a bit harder to pull off, the only reward is a Wraith Music Pack.
  • Complete 14 more Dailies – The reward is an Outside the Lines G7 Weapon Skin.

There are also a number of skins available during the event. These are timed and exclusive to the Voidwalker event. However, you will have to pay some hard-earned money if you want to get any of these.

Apex Legends Voidwalker

What Else is in the Voidwalker Event?

The Voidwalker event is a bit more than just those challenges though. This is everything else that is going on during the event:

  • Wraith Town – a Wraith-research area will be on the map in Apex Legends. This is for ‘lore’ purposes rather than gameplay though.
  • Double XP – You will get double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins over the weekend in the event. This should make completing the Battle Pass easier.
  • Armed and Dangerous Limited-Time Mode –  Apex Legends has gotten another Limited Time mode. This one limits weapons to sniper rifles and shotguns and reduces loot levels in general. It might not be as creative as some Fortnite LTMs, but at least its something different.

If you want to make sure you can get all of those rewards, you need to have good aim and know how to win matches. This will be easier if you’re using the best settings for Apex Legends and getting the best frames per second possible.

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Gaming - 2021

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks Guide




Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is currently going through an extensive Early Access period, with periodic access to demos of the game. While details on the finished version of the title still aren’t entirely available, we do know quite a bit about the game. One aspect that has leaked out already is the Perks that will be available in the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks are part of the create a class system. This is something unique to Call of Duty that most shooters don’t replicate. You will be able to choose from Perks to add to your character class. This lets you specialize your choice of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks to suit which weapon you’re using.

Each class has space for you to use three perks. Out of these, you have to decide which perks are going to compliment your play style. However, each class may come with a specific Perk in the form of equipment attached to a certain weapon. Reading through the perks available and drawing up which will best suit you when you start the game will let you get a jump on players who are still experimenting.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks

These are the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks that should be in the game on release.

  • Munitions –This one replaces your secondary weapon with a different primary weapon. In older Call of Duty titles, this was called Overkill.
  • Tune-Up –Carry an extra Lethal piece of equipment.
  • Restock –Your Lethal and Tactical are recharged quicker after each use.
  • Scavenger –You can replenish your ammo from other players.
  • Shrapnel –Your lethal equipment does more damage to enemies.
  • Warhead – Increases RPG reload speed.
  • Heavy Metal –Kill streak kills count towards more kill streaks. If the kill streaks are as effective as past titles this may be a big one.
  • High Alert –A yellow warning will flash on your screen when an enemy is taking aim at you.
  • Spotter –Highlights your enemies’ equipment, this is visible for you and your teammates so you might want to coordinate.
  • Battle Hardened – Flashbangs and stun grenades aren’t as effective against you.
  • Cold Blooded –You are immune to enemy UAVs and targeting systems.
  • EOD –Explosive damage is reduced.
  • Bounty hunter –Players who get a 3-killstreak or higher will have a bounty placed on them, killing them will give you extra kills towards your own killstreak.
  • Double Time –This triples the duration of Super Sprint.
  • Hunter –You can see the footprints of enemies on the ground.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Weapons Perks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks

There will also be perks available in the game that are specific to selecting a particular type of weapon. These are the Call of Duty: Modern warfare perks for weapons that are currently known:

  • Slight of Hand –Your reload speed increases.
  • Bayonet – Your knife gets a bayonet on it.
  • Ricochet –Your bullets will bounce off of walls.
  • Supersonic –Your bullets can daze enemies.
  • FMJ –Your bullets will penetrate further, doing more damage.
  • Skulker –Your crouch walk speed is increased.
  • Glacial –When you shoot enemies, they will slow down.
  • Shrapnel Shots –Your enemies’ health regeneration is slowed down when you shoot them.
  • Infinite Breath –Longer breath duration.
  • Mo’ Money –You earn extra XP when you make a headshot.

These collection of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare perks are already giving enough information for players to begin to think how they’ll use them. There’s some clear benefits for using particular perks as a sniper, or as someone who prefers close combat. No matter which type of class you’ll be creating, you should be using the best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare settings, even during the Early Access period this is going to give you an advantage.

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