Saturday, December 2

Genius DIY Hack Removes All The Clutter Under Your Sink

Actually, when it comes to the space under my kitchen sink, it looks much worse than this photo! I was glad to run across this simple tip for creating more space for these small areas and getting some things up and out of the way!

Tension rods aren’t only for curtains. They are brilliant for decluttering and organizing the space under the sink and creating a space where you can find things fast and save time and frustration.

Few things are as versatile as the humble tension rod. They are cheap and totally removable. Tension rods are great for those awkward areas where nothing else fits, and they don’t do any damage to walls, closets or cabinets.

When using under sinks it adds another layer of storage and keeps all your spray bottles neatly in a line. There are so many other great space saving tips for using these wonderful little jewels, such as when your cutting boards, cookie sheets, and pot lids don’t fit in your cupboard while laying down, or you want to free up more space, separate them with tension rods so they sit vertically.

Watch how Rachael Ray organizes under her kitchen sink in this tutorial and start organizing your things!





Photo Credit: Lewisville Love

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