Genius DIY Instantly Divides Spaces That Could Use Some Privacy…

What a brilliant idea for those of us who need a solution for storage or just some extra privacy. Or you may just want an interesting accent piece for a large room. So many reasons to have one of these!

I have one of these and it’s really great for hiding boxes or anything else that you don’t have a storage space for! These are also great for kids who have to share rooms. It provides a certain amount of privacy when the space you live in doesn’t accommodate for that.

We see these in a lot of old movies…people are changing clothes behind them in a lot of the westerns or old classic movies. There’ll never be movies like the old classics!

Room dividers work wonderfully in small spaces if you want to turn a single room into a multi-functional space. The room divider I have is made out of canvas, so it’s thick and can’t be seen through… making it a great hiding place! There are many different ideas and designs to choose from.

Many room dividers are easily movable, like sliding doors or hanging curtains to suit the needs of the moment. Room dividers can change your home’s atmosphere creating privacy in a small space. Make the most of your small space or studio with a room divider. With a little creativity you can do so many things with your new wall, decorate it in different ways, or use it as a hanger or shelf, it is up to you. Even though you could buy them at furniture stores this DIY project is fun and a lot cheaper!

Watch how Homes+ Magazines makes this great room divider in their step by step tutorial!

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