Get 10 Steps Ahead Of Jack Frost With These Warm And Cozy Winter Life Hacks!

Do you ever feel like cold weather gets the best of you? Here are some ideas for facing Old Man Winter and winning, even when it’s cold and miserable outside.

I don’t know about you guys, but when winter comes I have a hard time staying warm. Even though I love the winter time, I always struggle with ways to stay warm.

In the attached video you will get some great tips for staying warm and a few other insightful things that will certainly help during cold weather.

I learned a couple of things that were quite helpful to keep the drafts out of my home. My favorite tip was the way he shows us how to keep cold air from coming in under the bottom of the front door and putting the putty along the edge of the door to prevent cold air from coming in from there.

He’s also got a great tip for keeping your tennis shoes dry in the wet and slushy ice that we have to deal with in the winter.

This stuff is easy, inexpensive, and quick to implement.  It keeps you warmer and saves money. You can also look on Pinterest for other great ways to save on your electric bill during the winter months.

Watch this video by Household Hacker to get some tips for staying warmer this winter.



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