Thursday, December 7

Get The She Shed Of Your Dreams, Even On A Limited Budget!

Have you been dreaming of having a space to call your own where you have uninterrupted time to work on crafts and sewing? Perhaps, like me, you have no designated space and upset others in your house by taking over all sorts of other spaces? Maybe you are sick of having to put everything away, losing that creative edge and wasting valuable crafting time when you do? Well. lately, I had been hearing the word “she shed” which is the female version of the man cave. Sounded unattainable to me, as I figured the price was at least 10k to build another structure out back. Turns out, if you look for the right ideas and plans, you can build your own she shed for under $1000. I’ve collected a few videos in my search for building a DIY She Shed on a budget and wanted to share them with you. The first one shows you how to build a great little room outside for under 1k.

I also love looking at other amazing she shed designs for inspiration, as I will be collecting various things for my decor once my husband helps me finish this spring home improvement project I have suggested 98 times now   This video has 25 inspiring rooms to look at, and the furnishings in some of them are just lovely. See if you find some ideas for yourself here.


I don’t normally share videos by Lowe’s or Home Depot, but I found this one on building a she shed and do think it is nice. Also has some cool organizing and decorating ideas as well as links to plans and checklists you will want to review before starting your project.

Ready to build the shed of your dreams? Good luck!


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