Glue and A Plastic Ball Are The Keys to Making This Creative Doily Pendant Light

I’ve been looking for cool lighting ideas lately after moving into a new house that featured one too many cheap hardware store light fixtures. My decor lends itself to much more creative styling, and when I saw this cool DIY doily pendant, I knew I had to have one in my room in the corner where I have a reading nook. Turns out this one is even easier to make than I expected. You simply get some crocheted doilies, which you can pick up at a Goodwill or even some craft stores, and also order online. Then you need a plastic inflatable ball which can be found at the dollar store and some glue. I prefer a stiff fabric glue, but imagine any glue might work. You add your doilies to the ball, covering the whole thing except for a hole at the top where you cord will go in with a bulb, then wait for it to dry. Add an LED hanging lightbulb and voila, creative lighting is yours.

I love this idea so much I am planning to make a few to surprise my friends with Christmas gifts. This DIY lighting idea will look great in just about any room. If you have run of the mill furniture like some of mine, this extra unique touch really does wonders to add character to the room. And the patterns this light casts on the walls? Oh my, I just may have to paint my room darker to get to better enjoy this fabulous light.

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