Grab An Old Mirror, Some Bling And Glue To Create This Awesome Decor Piece!

You can do this with thrift store mirrors or an old mirror you’ve needed to refurbish and have’t gotten around to it. You can have an absolutely stunning mirror in no time!

I did this simple update to an old mirror that I had. This mirror is 24×36 and was very plain but now it looks amazing!

A short story about the mirror I used…A few years ago, my dad picked up a large, framed mirror on the side of the road. Being the man who doesn’t through things away…he grabbed it and put it in his garage.

I took one look at it and saw a fabulous mirror make-over! It was painted an ugly matted orange-red color.

I really wish I’d taken before and after photos now that I am finished with my diamond encrusted mirror, but at least I have a fabulous mirror. I absolutely love it!

I love how glitzy and feminine it looks. It has become a focal point in my living room. Thank goodness for trashed mirrors on the side of the road!

Watch how Crystal Rose makes this fabulous mirror in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on yours. I made mine while watching my favorite TV shows…easy peasy!






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