Grandparents Will Definitely Be Remembered Forever With DIY Idea That Is Sure To Be Passed On For Generations

Ever worry that the gifts you picked out for your most special family members are likely discarded within a few months or a year after they open them? I know with my grandkids, they get so much stuff on holidays and birthdays that it would almost be impossible to give them something impress that is sure to be held onto. I’ve tried sending photos lately, but then when I was at my daughter’s house last month, I saw that all of their photos were in a pile in the kitchen next to the microwave, and lots of them even had food splattered on them. She tried to keep a pinboard of photos updated, but that is always full of memos and photos of the kids.

I feel a little silly at times wanting to give them all something they will remember when I am gone, but I know that after my parents passed, those were some of my most prized possessions. I’ve been starting to thing about what those prized possessions might be to my family, and thinking about what I might be able to contribute to add a few things. There is my cast iron skillet, of course, which I am certain my daughters will fight over then a Carnival glass vase that was my Mom’s and some teacups that were my grandmothers.

I think these days, with all of the high tech going on, that photos are probably one of the best ways to be remembered, especially when you have a few other keepsakes like I do, Making sure those photos get held onto, now that is the challenge. Trust me, if you saw what happened to my daughter’s photos next to the microwave, you would understand this all too clearly.

Anyhow, I just found this idea for preserving photos on glass, and mine turned out so amazing that I wanted to share it with you. You can use a pretty jar or vase, I think even a sheet of glass with a black and white photo would look great and definitely seem more keepsake worthy than a regular photograph. I hope you like this idea as much as I do, and if you have more cool ideas for keepsakes that grandparents can make for their kids and grandkids, please add a comment on Facebook or here so I might have some more cool things to make. Thanks, and see what you think of this cool DIY for photos…

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