Halloween Is The Perfect Night For Cool Lighting…We Have 4 Great Ideas To Choose From!

It’s not Halloween without some wicked lighting to set the tone. Well, these aren’t so wicked, but they sure do set the tone for some great Halloween decor and ambient lighting is the only way to go to set the tone, right?

They are beyond easy – I may even go as far as to say they are pretty idiot proof! They took absolutely no time at all and will be perfect to decorate outside or inside!

They would make a great table decoration or line your porch with them! I used tea lights to illuminate them, but you just as easily use electric battery operated lights as well!

My daughter and I made all of these and it looks really cool, from the street, without the porch lights on and nothing but the lanterns lit.

I just love Halloween and all the cool ideas for decorating. I usually end up with all kinds of decorations on my front porch. We have a porch that goes the full length of our house, so there’s plenty of room for all my crazy decorations!

Watch how this gal with Fun O’Clock makes these darling lanterns in her step by step tutorial.


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