Handmade Felt and Yarn Wreath Tutorial from So Pretty Felt

I love having wreaths on my front door. I think having a different wreath for each season is a lovely way to greet visitors coming to your front door. You can see some of my wreaths from past seasons here.

So Pretty Felt

I recently had a copy of So Pretty Felt by Amy Palanjian land on my desk. I’ll confess… everything in the book is gorgeous but the Felt and Yarn Wreath immediately caught my eye. I thought that I would share the tutorial with you today. 

This pretty little wreath would look beautiful on your front door for Valentine’s Day. Switch up the colors and you could easily have a wreath for spring, summer and even fall!

One of the things that I love about So Pretty Felt is that it’s a collection of felt projects from a variety of crafty people. The Yarn Wreath is a project created by Jen Fitzsimmons.

Pretty Yarn and Felt Wreath Tutorial

“I love to try any idea that pops into my head, and it may work or it may not, but more often than not, it spins off into something awesome! You never know unless you give it a shot.” – Jen Fitzsimmons 

Your door will be the prettiest on the block if you decorate it with one of these stunning wreaths. Choose your colors based on the season you’re celebrating, or just choose what makes you happy when you return home each day.


– One 12-in/30.5-cm straw wreath form

– 1 skein of yarn, approximately 364 yds/ 333 m, in a color of your choosing

– 200 to 300 yd/183 to 274 m worsted-weight yarn, in a color or colors of your choosing

– Three to four 9-by-12-in/23-by-30.5-cm sheets of wool felt, in 2 shades of the same color

– One wreath hook (available at most craft or hardware stores)


– Disappearing fabric marker

– Scissors

– Glue gun and glue sticks

1.  Secure an end of the yarn to the wreath form by holding it in place, and start wrapping the yarn around the form, covering the loose end. Continue wrapping the wreath form with yarn until it is completely covered. Tuck in any loose ends. If you want a striped wreath, wrap yarn in alternating colors to get that look.

2.  For the flowers, using a disappearing fabric marker, draw circles on the felt of many different sizes, from about 3 ⁄4 in/ 2 cm to 2 1⁄2 in/6 cm. The sizes can vary, since you will be making flowers of different sizes, as pictured (see photo, page 78). The larger flowers need 7 to 10 circles each and the smaller flowers need 1 to 3 circles.

3.  To make a flower, start with 1 of the smallest felt circles. Roll it into a tube and use hot glue to secure it to make the center of the flower. Take another small circle of felt, wrap it around the center circle, and glue it in place. You will want to mimic the interior petals of a rose. Continue wrapping felt circles around the center ones, using larger circles each time, until you reach the size of flower that you want. As you go, cut off any excess felt on the bottom of the flower, because the bottom needs to be flat so it can be secured to the wreath. Make as many flowers as you want in varying sizes.

4. Determine where you’d like to place your flowers on the wreath and glue them in place, securely.

5.  Hang your wreath on your front door using a wreath hook.


* Vary the size of your wreath by choosing a different size form.

* Make the wreath more mod by skipping the flowers altogether.

* Use more flowers in varying sizes to create a spray of buds across one side of the wreath.

Thank you to Raincoast Books & Chronicle Books for letting me share this Felt and Yarn Wreath Tutorial by the very talented Jen Fitzsimmons with my readers. This and other beautiful felt projects can be found in So Pretty Felt by Amy Palanjian. Want to win a copy of So Pretty Felt along with 10 of my other favorite cookbooks and craftbooks? Visit the Sew Creative 1 Year Blogiversary post for your chance to win a library worth $375 that includes all of the books below!

Sew Creative Blog's 1 Year Blogiversary Craft & Cookbook Giveaway Worth $375Tell me… Do you decorate your front door with wreaths? Do you have wreaths on your door all year long or just during particular seasons?

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