Hands Down, The #1 Item You Need to Make For Your Patio

So I’ve seen these darling¬†mason jar lanterns on Pinterest and Etsy for awhile now, but I could never find a tutorial showing you how to make them. They looked easy enough, but attaching the wire without seeing this just never worked for me. I was so excited after finding this project, because it is quick, easy and inexpensive, which makes it a fun way to decorate your patio. Pretty dramatic statement for just a few dollars, call me impressed. Learn how to make your own lanterns with this tutorial video. Fill the bottom with white rocks from the floral section of your craft store to achieve a look just like the photo. I did, and the compliments I get on mine, I’ve lost count there are so many. Now that winter is finally gone, it is time to start enjoying the outdoors in style, this romantic lighting should be at the top of your “must make next” list.

Photo on left from Etsy.com via The Country Barrel.

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