He Builds An 8 Ft Long Floating Shelf, But It Has A Hidden Feature You Must See! (BRILLIANT)

From normal prospective the shelf looks like any other floating shelf however this one has a couple of secrets, which is the best and most unique feature! The face of the shelf sits flush with the rest but it pulls out to reveal a hidden drawer. The drawer is a great place to hide valuables. A thief would never dream that your valuables were hiding in this secret place!

This can also be used for extra storage of those everyday items that you don’t want in plain sight or a perfect hiding place for just about anything. This is an easy place to put the remotes that you don’t use everyday or maybe that lighter for all your candles. And yes, these are also great places hide a home defense item and easily placed high enough to keep out of reach of any small children in the house. Another added attraction is the┬ástrip of LED lights he adds to the bottom of the shelf!

Another thing about this floating shelf is that these are built strong enough to hold your flat screen TV and you can even remove the drawer to fit your cable box in and hide those ugly wires! So many purposes for this cool shelf!

Watch this brilliant step by step tutorial by DIY Creators so you can make one of these clever shelves!

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