He Builds An Incredible Kitchen Island From An Ikea Shelving Unit (Brilliant!)

If you buy a home without an island and have the space to put one in, this is a fabulous and inexpensive way to build one.  Having this island in my kitchen has made all the difference in the world!  Now I actually have more space to do my baking!  My kitchen is on the small side, but did have enough space for an island.

It didn’t take long at all to make…of course, my husband and I did this together…he’s really good at wood working. Most men love to have a new project to do.  He really enjoys having this island in our kitchen too. Our kids like to sit at it and do their homework in the afternoon, so it serves a few purposes!

My husband and I prepare a lot of meals throughout the week and require a space to do this, as well as storage. Oh! Did I mention that it has storage!

Before building this, everything we looked at was either expensive or not practical. I priced some kitchen islands and they were more than our budget allowed, so we decided to make our own. After seeing this tutorial that The Rehab Life does we knew how we were going to do this. The only thing we did different was to put a larger surface on the top so that we could put stools under it.

Watch this step by step tutorial by The Rehab Life and build your very own kitchen island the easy way!

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