He Creates A Valuable Useful Pallet Wood Piece We All Love! (WATCH!)

I know it looks like he’s building something with his eyes closed, but I caught him in the middle of a blink! LOL! You’re gonna love this craft project! I think most of us have wanted one of these at least once in our life and a lot of you have one, but I didn’t and got busy making one as soon as I saw this! Although, I distressed mine with turquoise paint on some of the pieces of wood and I absolutely love it! This hall tree truly has made a difference in my life! Now there’s a place for all the shoes that end up all over my entryway! Yay!

This handcrafted hall tree will compliment any entryway, mud room, or laundry room. It will give any room character and function. The bench is good and sturdy and has a cubbie for storing shoes, hooks for hanging coats and a shelf for your favorite photos or nik naks. All in all this is a great organizational tool for your convenience and at the same time adding some rustic charm to your home.

I saw one of these on Etsy for $1250…I can’t imagine how much they are in the retail stores! I don’t want to know because mine was basically FREE! This is one of the biggest reasons I love DIY projects!

Pallet wood projects are so doable that everyone can do the construction work with great ease without even getting a little puzzled! No matter whatever your plans are to improve your home, they all can be brought to completion with pallets! Keep your home uncluttered by installing pallet racking systems, storage units and wall organizers…just to mention a few!

Watch how Kevin Robinson builds this wonderful unit in his step by step tutorial!



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