He Cuts A Design Out Of Tin And What He Does With It Will Blow Your Mind!

I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy over this kind of art! If I had my way I’d fill my home with it! It’s so detailed and most of it is brightly colored…which I love! Instead of using a piece of tin, I recycled soda cans to make these, which makes it cost next to nothing to do!

I’m dying to go to Mexico to get some wahacan animals. They cost a fortune to buy where I live and I’m dying to own some of these wonderful brightly painted critters! Mexican Art is my favorite decor and when I saw this tutorial I got so excited about it! I’ve made a lot of different shapes and painted them. They are so beautiful and make fabulous gifts. My friends go nuts over these!

Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done at all with all these ideas bouncing around in my head. But I’m so glad I gave this one a try because I really love how they turned out and the fact that I can use recycled materials was a real bonus. These colorful Mexican Folk Art Inspired Decorations look so pretty displayed on a wall.

Traditionally Milagros (which literally means miracle in Spanish) are used as religious folk charms to symbolize a prayer, or something to be grateful for. These days, more commonly, Milagros are used as decorative items.

I like the idea that you may make a little tin heart and think of a person you care about. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift to them to remind them that you love them.

Watch how he makes these in this tutorial and then you’ll know how to make these brilliant little jewels!

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