He Cuts And Sands Old Wood Into A Useful Item For The Garden That You Just May Need…

I was so glad to see this tutorial because I really needed one of these…mine finally gave out with the heat hitting it all of the time.  The summer heat has a tendency to wreak havoc on outdoor items.

I had a plastic garden hose caddy and it looked really good while it lasted. It looked like rod iron and was handsome, but not so much when it broke in half!

Since I kept this particular garden hose hanger right by my garage door, I needed a new hanger pretty quickly so I wouldn’t run over the hose with my car.

My husband and I had some left over pallet wood and decided to give these instructions a shot, since they looked simple enough to turn out in a short time. It virtually cost us nothing to make since we had the wood and the simple tools required to make it.

I just finished this project up, and am so excited to replace my broken plastic hose caddy with this awesome little DIY project, that was finished in no time!

My husband offered to do this project with me. And we had a great time! I love doing projects together! Although, I must admit that he did most of it…I supervised!

Watch how Scrap Wood City makes this nifty little garden hose caddy in their step by step tutorial so you can get busy making yours.


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