Thursday, November 30

He Cuts Approximately 1/3 Of A Ladder And Makes An Item That You’ll Want In Your Home!

I just love the rustic look of an old ladder that has been incorporated into your decor, especially when it can serve such a great purpose!

Making your home look gorgeous is not only a matter of buying expensive furniture and accessories, it’s also about using creativity to add your own personal touch. Just a small craft project can turn a blank wall into a statement decor feature that transforms it from plain to awesome.

Old ladders left in their natural state will give the perfect rustic touch to your home, yet they also look fabulous painted in a nice color that will pop with your decor!

And, keep in mind, if you’re lacking closet space, a ladder can be mounted to the wall for a really unique looking way to hang your clothes! I saw one of these on Pinterest and the ladder was painted a wonderful orchid (pinkish/purple) color. You have to love this clever idea to use a ladder for a makeshift open closet!

If space is at a premium, create a clever garden shelf using an old ladder. You can place your potted herbs in an easily accessible location, and you’ll be more likely to snip flavorful leaves.

Watch how this guy, with Recycle ME Please, makes this great ladder shelf in his step by step tutorial.

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