He Cuts Pieces Of Cardboard And What He Does Next Is Clever–You’ll Want At Least One!

This is such a fun project…especially to do with friends or your kids! I didn’t know you could make these out of cardboard and they look awesome sitting in your home. It just adds a little more charm to your decor.

These little birdhouses look great sitting on a bookshelf or on a table. You can decorate them any way you want so they can be as fancy as you want! Just use your imagination or look on Pinterest for some great designs that other people have done to their birdhouses.

You can paint designs on these, decoupage pictures, glue fabric to them or anything you can think of! That’s what’s so fun about this DIY project. It can be your own unique creation!

I also saw where someone decoupaged pages of books to these and added some colorful flowers as accents…so stinkin’ cute! And, you can certainly make more than one, with so many decorating ideas available to us.

I even saw where someone smeared peanut butter all over there’s and poured birdseed on it for a fun treat for the birds! I definitely had to do that. I’m a bird watcher so it was fun watching them enjoy this little treat!

Watch how Victor makes this birdhouse in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making this fun project!




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