He Cuts Some Pallet Wood And Makes Something Very Useful To ALL Of Us! (FREE!)…

A garden is just as beautiful as its flowers, and there is nothing more appealing that a properly-mowed, green and beautifully maintained lawn. I had a dilemma and really needed one of these because mine broke. I guess plastic doesn’t hold up very well when the sun constantly hits it day in and day out. When I saw this tutorial I ran out and grabbed that pallet I saw someone throwing away, at their curb, and got busy making a much sturdier garden hose hanger. This project cost nothing to make because people throw these out all the time. That makes this project even more attractive!

I got so tired of my hose laying on the ground and killing the grass and this keeps it tidy, out of the way and safe from the lawnmower. When you don’t have one of these, you tend to get kind of lazy and don’t bother rolling your garden hose up. I had been putting off buying another one. So, when I saw this, I jumped all over it and got busy!

This took no time to make and I like it so much more than the one I had. I love the look of recycled pallet wood. There are so many things you can use it for that the list is endless!

Here is how you can make your own hose holder for your garden! Watch how Scrap Wood City does this in their step by step tutorial.


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