He Cuts This Cool Design Out Of Wood Then Makes The Most Amazing Furniture Piece l’ve Ever Seen (Watch!)

This is definitely a custom made rocker, like none other that I’ve seen. It will definitely be a conversation piece! It has a modern retro look with curved lines which also makes it one of the classiest rocking chairs around!

This is certainly not something we see in homes every day and that’s why I was so intrigued with it. I love anything that’s creative and different like this rocking chair is!

It may not look like it’s a comfortable chair, but believe me it is! Rocking chairs not only sooth you after a tiring day but also add a decorative touch to your home.

The beauty about a DIY rocker is that you can change up your design to fit your circumstances. I remember when I was looking for a rocker, after finding out I was pregnant. My mother gave me one that she had gotten from a raw furniture store and she had stained it. This meant so much me. She had gone to the trouble of doing this and it was so thoughtful. It’s been many years since she did this for me and I will never forget.

This would be a really thoughtful gift to give to your loved one at a baby shower or just pre-baby, but one that you will want to keep in your home, for years, due to the awesome design!

Watch how this guy with Better Homes and Gardens builds this great looking rocker in his step by step tutorial.




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