He Does 8 Awesome Projects With Wine Corks That Wouldn’t Occur To Most Of Us (Watch!)

Gather up those wine corks you’ve been hanging onto for that perfect DIY project and check out what he does in the tutorial attached below! He’s got some great ideas, and I especially love this lamp…rather unique, right?

We’ve gotta be careful about what we throw away these days, since it might be useful with all of the cool ways to recycle things! You never know where you can use it with all the fabulous DIY craft projects available to us.

I especially love the way he hollows out a cork and puts a plant in it, glues a magnet to it and hangs it on his refrigerator! I think that’s so cool looking, although when I did it, I put some dirt inside the hollowed out cork.

The other clever thing he does is he attaches a cork to his keys. How many times have you been on the lake and lost your keys? It’s also a great idea for sunglasses. No telling how many sunglasses and keys are at the bottom of the lake!

These make great hot pads, coasters, the list is endless! Watch the Household Hacker’s step by step tutorial for more easy and useful ideas.




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