He Does A Faux Leather Finish On His Walls, But You Won’t Believe What He Used To Do This (Watch!)

I was so glad to run across this tutorial because a friend of mine used this technique in one of her bathrooms, a while back, and I loved it! At the time I thought that I would do that someday, but eventually forgot about it until I saw this tutorial. I’m so excited to see how to do this! It is such a cool technique and looks so awesome!

He utilizes tissue paper to make an easy peasy faux leather finish on his walls. You can create a texture on any surface using tissue paper. The tissue paper he uses is not toilet tissue or Kleenex tissue. It is the kind of tissue used with gift bags or that a store might use to package a fragile or delicate purchase.

Some people use brown paper sacks, instead of tissue paper and they tear the bags up in little pieces, crumple them up then spread them back out, wet them and put them on the wall. Either way works, giving you the same effect. This is such a cool DIY project because the results are so fascinating!

Watch how Ronald Layman does this technique in his step by step tutorial so you can use this awesome technique on your walls!

Photo Credit: The Magic Brush Inc.

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