He Does An Easy New DIY Project — Distressed Paper Mosaic. I Haven’t Seen Anything Like It (Watch!)

I ventured into the world of mosaic art. Something I’ve definitely never tried before. I discovered this specialized type of art and knew it was something I just had to try.

It’s unbelievable how many cool projects you can do with this technique! Can you tell I’m excited about this? You will be too when you see all the things you can do with this!

The mosaic kit is designed to create tile effects using decorative papers, photos or collage art on a variety of surfaces. The kit includes Paper Mosaic Grout – a unique medium designed to provide a textured, grout-like effect; Paper Mosaic Glue – an all-purpose adhesive formulated to work with the Paper Mosaic Grout; Paper Mosaic Glaze – a dimensional clear gloss medium that provides a shiny 3-D effect on paper surfaces to glaze and magnify mosaics.

This kit can be purchased at craft stores and Jo Ann Fabrics and make sure to take your coupons because all of these places always have great coupons that will make this kit really cheap to buy and there’s so many things you can apply this distressed paper to to get the paper mosaic effect!

Watch how Tim Holtz does this in his step by step tutorial and give this a try. You’ll love it!



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