He Drills Holes In This Letter And Afterwards The Latest Craze! (SCINTILLATING!)…

We’ve seen many projects using wooden letters and I’m always amazed at the creative ideas people come up with! This is another one of those brilliant ideas that brings about a totally different ambience to your home!

I am a sucker for a great DIY project and the more and more I browse Pinterest, the more I fall in love with Marquee Light projects! Light-up letters are having a real moment in the spotlight. These expressive accent pieces make a literal statement when perched on a shelf or hung on your wall. Looking to master this year’s hottest home trend? Marquee signs are more than just lights, they can add instant glamour to any space.

I read an interesting blog by The Rusty Marquee and in it they said: Marquee lights have been around for many generations. In the early 20th century the flashy lights were used outside of entertainment venues, theaters, restaurants and hotels to catch the eye of any potential customers passing by. Their bulbs were big and bright quick to draw attention and therefore serve their purpose. While once only used in commercial settings, today marquee lighting can be found in many places, including the home. Reminiscent of the past, these oversized can help add light and vintage inspired charm to any room. Marquee lights have become the latest craze and they don’t look to be losing their stylish appeal anytime soon.”

This is a modern take on the vintage marquee signs often seen on old movie theaters and other places as mentioned above. Watch how Live Your Style does this project in their step by step tutorial and let your lights shine!

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