He Gives Us Some Great Spring Gardening Tips That Will Be Helpful In Getting You Started!

If you’re new at gardening, OneYardRevolution of Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening, has some great tips to share with you in his tutorial, listed at the end of this.

He said that he often thinks of the advice he would give a friend who is wanting to plant their first vegetable garden and didn’t have a lot of cash to invest, had a relatively small yard, but still wanted to produce a lot of fresh produce for his family. He says, as a rule, it’s best to pick a location that gets 6-8 hrs of direct sun because fruiting crops benefit from at least this much direct sun.

While root and leafy vegetables tolerate more partial shade, full morning sun and some afternoon shade is a great combination for a vegetable garden.

When you have some free time he recommends that you how the sun falls on different areas of your yard and taking notes on how much sun each area gets. If you’re planning a summer garden, make sure to do this in late spring or early summer so that your observations will be as accurate as possible. In other words, don’t rely on observations made in the winter when the sun is lower in the sky and leaves are absent from deciduous trees.

For the rest of the information in this tutorial watch what he says in his tutorial so you can have a great garden this year!



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