He Had Leftover Carpet And What He Does Is Not Only Clever But Made Someone Happy!

I was really surprised at how easy this guy makes this DIY project look, and, if you were to buy one of these it would cost you quite a bit!

If you have leftover carpet or are having carpet taken up, you might want to think about this project for your fur babies. I promise they will be very happy to have one of these in your home and it will entertain them when you aren’t able to. Pets do have a tendency to get bored and this is a great way to give them a little excitement in their lives!

Every person that ever owned a cat knows cats love to look over their territory from a high vantage point and since they are predatory animals, they love to hunt and sharpen their claws on almost any vertical and slightly hard surface, for example, your favorite sofa.

Cats undoubtedly need something to keep them entertained and well challenged during the time they are not sleeping. Having a cat tree and a scratch post is a perfect solution, but they tend to cost hundreds of dollars.

So, to save you some grief and some money  you can do this with a little bit of effort and a lot of love. After making these you’ll have a gentler and less destructive cat guaranteed.

Watch how Pet Meadow Crew makes this cool cat ledge with climbing pole in their step by step tutorial.



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